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AuthenticMC - A Minecraft Server

As the name suggests, AuthenticMC aims to be an unique Minecraft server - trying to go against the flow and serve players a fully customized experience. The features you see here are most likely not in other servers! A lot of thinking and developing is involved to make a balanced, yet fun gameplay. We are very open to inputs and suggestions! Join us and let us grow together as a community!

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Why you should play on AuthenticMC?

30+ Specialized Jobs

Increase your job levels and your mcmmo skills!

Balanced Economy

With 3 different currencies presents a different and unique economy.

Custom Items Recipe

You can make various unique items, even money can be crafted!

Global Events

Unique mysterious events that could happen to the whole server, from getting mysterious potions to splendid gifts!


In order to keep the server alive, you can purchase Gold Coins which then can be traded in-game with permanent ranks, unique crates, and much more!

6 Gold Coins

Rp 80.000 Rp 40.000

12 Gold Coins

Rp 160.000 Rp 80.000

24 Gold Coins
(+2 Coins Bonus)

Rp 320.000 Rp 160.000

36 Gold Coins
(+3 Coins Bonus)

Rp 480.000 Rp 240.000

48 Gold Coins
(+4 Coins Bonus)

Rp 640.000 Rp 320.000

60 Gold Coins
(+5 Coins Bonus)

Rp 800.000 Rp 400.000

For buying ranks, you must buy Gold Coins first, then continue the transaction directly on the server.


5 Gold Coin


10 Gold Coin


15 Gold Coin


22 Gold Coin


32 Gold Coin

Sethome 6 8 10 12 15
Jobs EXP Boost 1,3x 1,6x 1,9x 2,2x 2,5x
Auction House Items Slot 6 8 10 12 15
Claimblocks 6.000 10.000 15.000 25.000 40.000
Make your message more visible using /me Cooldown 50s Cooldown 40s Cooldown 30s Cooldown 20s Cooldown 10s
Disguise Pig, Sheep, Ocelot, Zombie Pigman Armor Stand, Arrow, Tipped Arrow, Husk, Creeper, Fishing Hook Cave Spider, Egg, Evoker, Villager, Donkey, Boat, Ender Pearl, Ender Signal Bat, Rabbit, Cow, Thrown EXP Bottle, Illusioner, Horse, Iron Golem, Item Frame Disguise as anything or anyone!
Colored Chat
Wear a hat with /hat
Change your display name using /nick
Ride mobs with /ride
Fly with /fly, claim daily with /claimfly! 30 minutes/day (Only count when you actually fly) 60 minutes/day (Only count when you actually fly) 120 minutes/day (Only count when you actually fly) Permanent Fly!
Know who's near with /near
Know who's near with /near
Open your ender chest anywhere with /ender
Compress any compressable items with /condense
Customize Armor Stands with /armorstand
Free anvil use with /anvil (3m Cooldown)
25% Cooldown Reduction for mcMMO active abilities!
Replenish your hunger upon death!
Feed yourself with /feed! (15m Cooldown)
Make yourself glow with /glow
Change your own time with /ptime
Get Early Access on new Features! Try new features before they are released!
Get a custom head with /head!

Cooming Up Soon!


By voting this server you will get special in-game rewards.

Fly Perks

You can get free fly just by voting!


A lot of money is waiting for you! Vote Now!

Mobs Egg

Get yourself various mob eggs by voting now!

Vote Party

Let's invite your friends to vote now and get the rewards!